Ambient Temperature



Listening to Pablo Stettler’s Radio sets feels like sitting on a train, hovering through a dry, springlike landscape at the opening of a not-so-dramatic movie. There are no characters in the picture, there are just weather conditions – staging mostly wildlife, with brutal concrete highways pushing through. Are there flowers in the Tundra? Yes, there are – and flocks of birds, trees, and bushes streaking the edge of your camera. For the residency at TRNSTN RADIO; Pablo Stettler will play ambient sounds, field recordings, and ripped clips selected from the World Wide Web.

He says he’s featuring the sounds of our homes, suburbs, cities, and gardens. And it’s much more than that. His music adds a sublime layer to the everyday. His sounds set a specific mood: They feel like someone is looking at the world and their surroundings with a very tender gaze. An invitation to board a train for a trip through the countryside, or adjust the settings of your camera for your next documentary.

Pablo Stettler aka may35 is a Swiss/Danish multimedia artist and curator based in Bienne, Switzerland.

Ambient Temperature w/ may35

Ambient Temperature w/ may35