Harmonies Unveiled: A collaborative Soundscapes w/ Yeelen, Ndroo & Groovywax


Yeelen: Always Evolving, Always Searching

This musician and DJ isn't just about spinning tracks, she's about perpetual evolution. Her sets are an eclectic journey, constantly seeking out fresh sounds, labels, and producers to keep you grooving.

Although house music is her foundation, Yeelen infuses her sets with a flair for infectious rhythms of Afro and Brazilian music, the driving basslines of UK garage, acid sound and the energy from Chicago house. From the deepest grooves to the fastest tempos, Yeelen, will keep you moving, dancing, smiling and feeling absolutely flawless for a while.

I met André and Ivan, known as Ndroo and Groovywax, back in university. I was looking for someone who could teach me how to mix vinyl, and I met André, a talented DJ and teacher from Geneva. From that moment on, I spent almost every evening at the Vernier Club, mixing and talking about music. One day, André told me, "Hey, there's another guy who shares your musical taste, and I think you two could get along both musically and personally." That's how I met Ivan, a great person and an excellent DJ, precise in his mixing and vinyl selection.

groovy.wax, DJ à Genève et sur la toile depuis une douzaine d’années.

La musique a toujours été une mosaïque d’émotions m'accompagnant sur le chemin de la vie me dirigeant vers la création par la sélection qui est le djing.

Cela fait une douzaine d'années que différentes rencontres nocturnes m'ont amené derrière platines. Là, mes préférences pour le Metal et la New Wave m'ont rapidement poussé vers le côté industriel de la house/techno de Detroit qui gardait, cependant, un côté groovy humain avec ses voix gospel caractérisant si bien le Motown.

Detroit, Chicago, New York : le voyage commençait à travers bars, caves et endroits intimistes de Suisse...