Cherchez la Nwa


NEXT EPISODE: 08.06.2024

Cherchez la Nwa is a show curated by the Latitid Nwa collective (Zion Ev.e, Negdedunn, and Noémi Michel) featuring DJ sets introduced or intercut by talk shows prepared by members of the collective. The sets will feature productions by artists from the 'Global South and Deconstructed Club Music', 'Afro-electronic', and 'Afro-Caribbean' scenes. The aim will be to explore the sounds produced by artists from territories outside Europe and the black diasporas, to help amplify their audiences.

Each program will contain one or two 'talk show' fragments: these will take a variety of forms (micro-trotters, on-the-spot interviews): i/ testimonials from people from the black diasporas - with a focus on the Haitian diaspora - about a festive element that is often overlooked in the European performance art scene, such as non-European food and dishes, the products needed to make them or festive rituals; ii/ capsules based around texts, conferences and works of art in black critical studies (Black studies) focusing on the politics of the night, among other things.