Mélanie Mélange


NEXT EPISODE: 20.04.2024

Beside the collective taste of music of Couloir Gang DJ's, each individual member of the group owns some very specific pleasures in the endless jungle of sub-genres of electronic music. This show provides a platform for the music which normally doesn't find its way into DJ sets of the collective. Melanie Melange provides the common ground of all this music, since she shares all this special tastes in music with every gang member.

Mélanie Mélange w/ Andres Piller

Mélanie Melange w/ wildreis

Mélanie Melange w/ Halftime Modular

Mélanie Melange w/ Couloir Gang

Mélanie Melange w/ LowNoiz

Mélanie Mélange w/ ALÉLÉFI

Mélanie Mélange w/ Galopp

Mélanie Mélange w/ Iban King