Voyage Voyage


NEXT EPISODE: 21.05.2023

Discovering the foreign lands of vacherin country, forgeing friendships trough travel and exchange, DJ Klemenz & Зарина want to celebrate the concept of Voyage Voyage, trough inviting artists from their hometowns Zürich and Basel to exchange tunes, thoughts and laughter, all live on TRNSTN Radio.

To join us on our first journey we invite The Entertainer፡ ናይ ሕማመይ and Yeng to enlighten us with their selection of local and international gems straight out of their treasure box. The Graphic design for our first edition was provided by Hanna Welzel, an artist calling both Zürich and Basel her home. That all being said, we wish you "Bon Voyage!“

Voyage Voyage w/ Yeng b2b Зарина & the Entertainer ፡ ናይ ሕማመይ