PROCHAIN ÉPISODE: 20.08.2022, 16:00 Anywhere out of the Globe by Turbo Falafel – Bern / Fribourg

In the House


& welcome to our immersive borderless world.

We are a collective of afrodescendant femme artists that stretch our artistry through the Global Black collective art consciousness.

We are DJs, MCs, dancers & creative directors co-creating a party scene that curates sensory experiences to entice our people through the merging of mixed art forms.

ZAGAZA is all about sharing E N E R G Y, initiating M O M E N T S OF and moving B O D I E S.

Our deepest desire is to develop a greater network of queer BiPOC artists worldwide with whom we can co-create platforms & spaces to enrich community life & sustain cultural relevant and inclusive events.

So stay tuned and attuned.
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In the House #4 w/ Wuwu

In the House #3 w/ spice and curls

In the House #2

In the House #1